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A New Way of Thinking

Who We Are

We offer a new perspective in increasing sales, complete with credible information.

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Over 54 Years of Experience

About Us 

Established in 2002, A New Way of Thinking provides exceptional opportunities for any company looking to increase their sales while keeping their current training, develop new markets, create cutting-edge products and services, and achieve innovative corporate goals. With over 54 years of experience, we offer our services to clients in Akron, Ohio and international areas.

Company Mission 


  • To help people succeed and communicate with a caring attitude through our actions and quality of information.


  • To be updated on the latest findings of science, personal empowerment, sales, and marketing, and to communicate this knowledge in exciting and entertaining formats our clients can quickly incorporate into their lives and careers.


  • To abolish the meaning of impossible and limitations from our client's minds by providing a unique perspective upon which our creative process occurs.

Our Brand Ideal 

We aim to empower and inspire people to be their best with our new way of thinking.

Rubin Wald, Company President 

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What We Do