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A New Way of Thinking

Envision the Sale Possibilities

We provide various approaches that are backed by scientific evidence.

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Expanding the Sale Paradox

Our methodology here at A New Way of Thinking has two parts:


Replace classical physics with quantum physics as the scientific model to use in defining possibilities.


Use practical action steps in incorporating new science ideas into your career and lifestyle to bring more abundance, happiness, and success.

We believe quantum physics explains reality better than anything else before it. When you shift to a quantum perspective of reality, you can experience a quantum leap in your career. Our company will help you get there!

We have taken the three key concepts of quantum physics and show how they replace the three classical concepts. The result is a clearer understanding of reality that lets us achieve goals formerly believed to be impossible.

We offer our quality services with 100% customer satisfaction to clients in Akron, Ohio and other areas worldwide. Schedule an appointment now!

Key Concept #1 

The Complementarity Principle 

Opposites are two aspects of the same reality. In a given experiment, only one becomes visible. However, complementarity, which unites opposites, demands that you include both to fully understand the nature of its reality.

Mental and physical are complementary. When you bring a result that you don't currently possess, the mental reality (which is called a goal) is as real as its physical equivalent. The instant you conceive the goal, you have achieved it!

The challenge is to transform the mental aspect to its physical variant. This requires a different set of actions than going after what you don't believe you already have.

Key Concept #2

The Observer Effect

Unlike classical physics that allows objective experiments, new science shows one cannot separate the observer's mind from the experiment. This means each of us is an active force in determining our reality. Whatever result we observe, we create!

Key Concept #3 

The Uncertainty Principle

According to this principle, nothing is certain in the universe. Not fate. Not destiny. By eliminating a cosmic master plan, everything is within reach. It is possible to change your world by changing your mind.

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